Daniel Allen, Treasurer

Under the supervision of the Tribal Treasurer, Daniel Allen,  the Finance Department is responsible for all financial transactions in the tribe. For more information call  775.423.6075 or email






   Denea Moyle-Zulz, Accountant

As the Accounts Payable/ProcDSCN0029urement Accountant, my main responsibility is to process the payments for goods or services provided by the departments of the Fallon Tribe. Processing is done on a weekly basis upon assuring that each document submitted meet the requirements set by the Financial Policy. More definitive, that each document is coded to the correct program and expense item based on the description of use provided and their approved budgets, also that they meet the signing approval requirements by the Directors, Administrators, Grants Accountant, and the Treasurer or Business Council. This duty also includes the processing of Per Capita distributions to all of the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Members, across the United States every December. Being a ten-year employee I have a lot of “other duties as assigned” that help keep my job challenging and enjoyable. For more information call 775.423.6075  ext 236 or email

Sarah Melfe, Grant Accountant



As the Grant Accountant I help support the Tribes grant management efforts by providing technical accounting, budgeting and administrative assistance. Some of my responsibilities include monitoring, analyzing and maintaining financial transactions for a wide variety of grant programs; tracking revenues and expenditures, and preparing required internal and external financial reports. For more information call 775.423.6075  Ext. 237 or email

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