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 Richard Black, Environmental Director


Richard Black has worked for the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe for approximately sixteen years and have been the Environmental Director for fourteen. He presently oversees the implementation of six environmental protection programs for the benefit of the Tribe.  He is the chairman of the Tribal Emergency Response Commission and the tribal representative to the Inter-Tribal Emergency Response Commission.  Prior to this position, he was an Environmental Protection Specialist for the Tribe’s Pesticides Program, Environmental Justice Program for Water Quality and Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Program and HIP Coordinator.

Richard previously worked for the Walker River Paiute Tribe as a Flood Coordinator, and as a Planner in Land Use, Minerals, Wetlands and Housing Development for approximately nineteen years.  A former Tribal Police Officer, hazardous materials technician and volunteer Fire Chief.

Richard is a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, an Army Vietnam Veteran and member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6825 in Schurz.  He attended the Western Nevada College and the Native American Energy and Minerals Institute at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.






Vacant, Environmental Specialist






Caleb Kondor, Environmental Protection Specialist


Caleb has earned three associates degrees in Mathematics, Engineering and Chemistry from Western Nevada College. In 2013 he finished his BS in Professional Chemistry from UNR. He also recently received his Permaculture Design Certificate from Restoration Seeds in Southern Oregon.  It is his personal project to green my plot of desert land. With the help of water harvesting techniques and some irrigation, he looks forward to having a food forest. He has planted more than 300 trees into the ground with more than 40 different species. His parents and brother live there and have stepped up to help accomplish his vision. If you have any comments, feel free to contact him.







Ileana Henry, Environmental Assistant


ENVIROMENTAL WORKERUh haganee! I have lived here on the Stillwater Reservation for the most part of my life but have lived in other parts of Northern Nevada as well as Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. I have two daughters, Nateya 10, who lives in Wisconsin and Daziyemba 1, who love to be outdoors and are learning about their Newe culture as much as they can.

I have attained my bachelors of science degree from Northland College located in Wisconsin. I studied Geoscience with a water emphasis. I chose this field of study because water is sacred and is essential for all life on Earth. I feel it is important for all our Native children to strive for a higher education and experience positive change in their lives.

I enjoy my position because I feel that I am an environmentalist at heart. I like taking care of my community and teaching people how to be Earth conscious and living sustainably. I appreciate learning new skills like eradicating noxious weeds and fogging insecticide on our vast mosquitoes. I’ve been at this position since March 2016 and have already attained about four certifications through trainings.













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