Welcome to the fallon Paiute- shoshone tribe



Sandra Hicks, Grants & Compliance Officer

grantsI grew up in Stillwater and have a background in criminal justice and business management. I was the Contracts & Grants Administrator for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe prior to working here. Since 2005 I have been a professional grant writer.

During my ten years at Pyramid Lake I grew in my position from that of an entry-level grant writer to managing a well-oiled grants department that reaped an additional $3 million a year in grant revenue for the Tribe during 2007-2015. My grant writing career has given me the opportunity to write on many topics. Some of my most successful relationships have been through partnering with federal, state and tribal agencies. I’ve been blessed throughout my career to have had many mentors who have given me advice and guidance.

I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure that the grants I write for FPST are aligned with the needs of the tribal programs and the communities who will ultimately benefit from my work. Other projects and hobbies that I focus on include making my own traditional regalia, reading true crime books and working out at the gym to relieve stress and spending quality time with family and friends.