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Available Programs


Fallon Paiute Shoshone Housing Department

2055 Agency Road


The Housing Department hour are:  

Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00pm. 



Vickie Moyle,  Housing Director

Oversees all operations of the Housing Department and its staff. Will maintain a strong working relationship with the Housing Committee as well as the Business Council to ensure that the Housing Department is providing reports and information on changes in our program or activities, policies etc. and getting approval for such. The Housing Director ensures that the goals, projects, and objectives of the Housing Department are met.







Vacant, Project Development Manager

Responsible for coordinating the development, construction, and modernization of all activities or projects for the Housing Department.  Takes care of the planning and construction according to budget and that these projects are done according to code. Responsible for the inspection of the homes and renovation if necessary.




Jackie Snooks, Receptionist

IMG_1022Jackie is usually the first to open the Housing Office and greet the public with a warm welcome and a smile. She takes the House Payments and makes sure all payments are posted. She answers the phones and directs calls to different staff and is always busy helping other staff.  Her knowledge and experience has been a big help to other staff.





Krystal Williams, Housing Specialist

Krystal is the Housing Specialist IMG_1078for the Housing Department.  Krystal’s job position focuses on record management and provides general clerical duties.   She fills in wherever needed and will be planning events and coordinating meetings for the housing staff.  Krystal is an asset to the Housing Department.




Marrisa Fillmore, Housing Assistant Director

IMG_1071The Housing Assistant Director is responsible for the coordination of daily activities between Resident Service Department and tenants/home buyers in accordance with established policies and procedures. The Administrative Assistant adapts such policies and procedures to ensure that work is done with accuracy and completeness.  I also verify weekly and any interim bank deposits for accuracy, comparing the ledger sheets to the Daily Reconciliation Sheets. I assist with budgets and procurement activities. I prepare purchase orders, check request and timesheets.




Vacant,  Residential Services  Specialist

Residential Services Specialist  is responsible for providing counseling and training in areas of tenant/homebuyer leases, low rent maintenance, and obligations under the applicable contract agreements to the participants of the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Housing Department and is the point of contact between the Housing Department and the tenant/homebuyer. Is available to assist residents with related applications and documentation for housing assistance programs.





 Oscar Moser, Maintenance Supervisor

IMG_1038Maintains systems and equipment by completing preventive maintenance schedules; restoring, repairing, rebuilding, or replacing faulty or inoperative components and parts; supervising staff.









Morgan Hale, Carpenter

Picture1Responsible for designing, building, installing, and repairing structures, fixtures, furniture, and other items using different types of materials including wood and steel.







Byron Gustie, Carpenter

IMG_1056Responsible for designing, building, installing, and repairing structures, fixtures, furniture, and other items using different types of materials including wood and steel.






Britt Edralin, Carpenter

Responsible for designing, building, installing, and repairing structures, fixtures, furniture, and other items using different types of materials including wood and steel.



Bruce Dorman, Carpenter

Responsible for designing, building, installing, and repairing structures, fixtures, furniture, and other items using different types of materials including wood and steel.








Shannon Kiele, Maintenance Tech

Maintenance Techs responsibility is to preserve the good condition and functionality of premises.  To perform maintenance tasks of great variety such as painting, HVAC installations, landscaping etc.The goal is to maintain the buildings and common areas in the best possible condition.








New Applicants are required to submit a number of documents in order to be considered eligible or ineligible for our Programs.  This takes time and there are few houses that are move-in ready at this time.  This does not mean you cannot apply for Housing.  Here are a few of the requirements established:


v Preference is given to enrolled members of FPST

v You must be considered income eligible ( we verify this through the application process)

v You must be at least 18 years old

v You must pass a background check

v You must be in good standing and not owe any past debts to Housing or Utility Companies

v You must fill out an Application for Admission in its entirety, along with any supporting documentation


Note:Once you have put an Application in, it must be updated every 6 months.  If not, you risk being taken off the list and will have to start the process all over again.
The Housing Department Committee consists of 5 people: Chairman- Vacant, Vice Chairman- Tom Burton (presides over the meetings), Secretary- Rochanne Downs (keeps records of proceedings, conducts poll voting as necessary, and transcribes minutes), and Members- Brenda Hicks and Mary Williams (advise, consult, and vote with the other Committee Members on various decisions pertaining to the Housing Department). They preside over the monthly meetings and make recommendations and/or approvals of important matters involving the Housing Department. We currently have a vacancy on the Housing Committee. Interested persons should contact Laura Ijames, Tribal Secretary for an application.

Every month there are Regular Housing Committee Meetings that are usually held the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Occasionally they are rescheduled for a later date but this is the normal schedule for the meetings. Tribal members are encouraged to attend and listen in on the meetings, or ask questions and voice concerns. The agendas will be posted in the future at the Administration building and at the Housing Department for the Regular Committee Meetings.

There are several services that the Housing Department provides to our tenants and they vary according to the Housing Departments budget, your lease agreements, age, and income.  Some of the services provided include:


  • Housing ( we currently have a waiting list)
  • Elderly  & Disabled Accessibility Assistance
  • Elder Home Protection Assistance
  • Maintenance requests
  • Payment or Payback Agreements


Currently we are working on bid documents to renovate vacant homes.  There are homes in the Colony which are experiencing foundation failures and that issue must be resolved before any rehabilitation is completed on the vacant units at the Colony.  There are also a handful of homes on the reservation that will be renovated in the future and eventually become rentable.

The Housing Department is confident that things will be improved over time.  It is taking a lot of work from outside sources as well as within to make these improvements and changes but it will be well worth the time and effort once it gets accomplished.


The current staff is committed and working hard to see that services are provided to the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribal Members.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.