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 Laura Ijames, Secretary 

The Secretary of the Business Council shall keep the minutes of the council. The Secretary shall certify the enactment of all ordinances, law and order codes, and resolutions, and shall make proper distribution. The Secretary shall attend to the giving of all required notices, and shall receive on behalf of the council all petitions provided for in the Constitution, and shall attend to the provide notices and information relating to meetings, notices, and decisions of the council. The Secretary shall supervise over matters relating to enrollment, membership, and elections.




Margot Clark, Secretary’s Assistant

IMG_3161In May, 2013,  I accepted a position with my tribe as the Assistant to the Fallon Business Council (FBC) Secretary Ms. Ijames.  I have always enjoyed my Native people and give gratitude for having the opportunity to work with the native population for the last 25 years.  I have met many talented and professional natives who strive to be instrumental in helping our native nations succeed and enhance their livelihood; the fortitude they have shown to overcome cultural differences and any stereotyping that society may try to place upon our people has been a great lesson within my life.  I pray I can be asset to my tribe and share my knowledge & wisdom I have acquired throughout my life.







Tanzi Kancler, Tribal Membership

The Membership Services Office is responsible for the accurate and secure maintenance of the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe‚Äôs membership records, and rolls, as well as providing membership services and information to Tribal Members. This office is responsible for all address changes, name changes, processing of new enrollment applications, and issuing Certificates of Indian Blood to Tribal Members as necessary. This office also provides Tribal Members with Identification Cards and Spousal Cards.