Fallon Busines Council Members:

Cathi Tuni, Chairman

The Chairman of the Business Council shall preside at all meetings of the Business Council. The Chairman shall perform all the duties of the Chairman and shall exercise any authority delegated to them by the Business Council.






 Andrew Hicks, Vice Chairman

The Vice-Chairman of the Business Council shall assist the Chairman when called upon to do so. In the absence of the Chairman, they shall preside. When so presiding they shall have all the rights, privileges and duties, as well as the responsibilities of the Chairman.









 Vickie Moyle, Treasurer

The Treasurer of the Business Council shall have care and custody of all valuables for the tribe and shall deposit all funds in an approved depository. The Treasurer shall disburse tribal funds as ordered by the council and shall maintain financial accounts, receipts and records, which shall be available for inspection by the members of the tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Treasurer shall make periodic financial reports to the council. All financial records of the tribe shall be audited at least once a year, and at such other times as may be directed by the council or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Treasurer shall be bonded at the expense of the tribe.



Currently Vacant, Tribal Secretary

The Secretary of the Business Council shall keep the minutes of the council. The Secretary shall certify the enactment of all ordinances, law and order codes, and resolutions, and shall make proper distribution. The Secretary shall attend to the giving of all required notices, and shall receive on behalf of the council all petitions provided for in the Constitution, and shall attend to the provide notices and information relating to meetings, notices, and decisions of the council. The Secretary shall supervise over matters relating to enrollment, membership, and elections.







Juanita George, Council Member





Phillip Johnson, Council Member







Edwin Conway, Council Member





Click here to see the FPST Constitution and Bylaws

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