Community Learning Center

Our Location:

8955 Mission Road
Fallon, NV 89406
Office: (775) 423-8065
Fax: (775) 423-8067

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

After School Hours

Monday-Thursday: 4:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.

Extended After School Hours

Monday-Thursday (parent must drop off and pick up): 6:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.


The Fallon Paiute Shoshone Community Learning Center encourages our tribal and community members to participate in the many programs we have to offer. We hope to encourage, motivate and empower our youth/tribal members to pursue their dreams and reach their educational goals. The mission of the CLC is to protect and enhance the quality of the lives of all our members. We make available training, tutoring, education advice and culture wellness. We would like to help create a healthy, positive environment for the community member fulfill their goals.

After School Program

The program serves students that are in the 1st-12th grade on Mondays through Thursdays from 3:45 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.. 

Students have the option to ride bus from school to the Community Learning Center and are provided with a snack upon arrival at the center. There is homework assistance for those students that need it. The center also provides an opportunity to utilize the computer lab for individualized learning, the library to read, and additional activities such as culture or recreation. At the end of the program students are transported by the CLC staff to home or assigned drop-off area.


Our community library provides a wide variety of reading material for both children and adults. The library has a huge selection of cultural focused books, along with DVDs and videos. If you are interested in checking out items, stop by to complete a patron form

Computer Lab

There are also computers accessible to the community within the center. They are currently available for visitors use during business hours.


The Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe strives to promote and revitalize the traditional ways of life that are the very heart of our people. The task of preserving and maintaining the many aspects of the Toi-Ticutta’s native culture is indeed an ongoing struggle. The Cultural Program is proud to have the support of Tribal Council and other Tribal Members as it works to promote interest in tribal history, languages, the land, and to uphold the cultural values, goals, and traditions of the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe. Under this broad definition exists several individual projects and tasks that will help move the program forward in this mission.

The Cultural Program works with other Tribal, federal, and state agencies to protect cultural properties of importance to the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe.

The Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe is unique in history and culture. Our heritage is a blend of Paiute and Shoshone peoples. The Culture Program provides support for learning history, social customs, and traditions for tribal members and the community. These programs increase opportunities to learn arts and crafts, dances, songs, stories, traditional teaching and dress.

The Culture Program promotes the unique cultural identity and history of the Tribe. Program staff work on research and preservation of language, dance, celebrations, basketry and issues related to the documentation, protection and preservation of cultural resources within the homelands of the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe. The Cultural Resource Program also coordinates the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act issues on the local, regional, and national level.

From the fish we ate to our creation stories, the essence of the Toi-Ticutta people comes from the Wetlands. Today, the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribal Culture Department enhances and perpetuates the strong traditions of our Toi-Ticutta people through our customs and ways of life. We educate our young people about early life of the Tribe, which includes our traditional hunting and fishing areas and our lands.

Cultural Activities

  • Hide tanning
  • Beading
  • Regalia
  • Basket weaving
  • Tule Duck making
  • Tule Hut making
  • Moccasin making

Higher Education

The goal of the Education Department is to assist students in achieving their academic or career goals. We offer a variety of programs for all levels of learners. In this article we are providing free resources for financial assistance to support students through their college years. The first step in the process is to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Please contact the CLC Director or a CLC Specialist for additional information regarding the Higher Education process.

Financial Assistance for Tribal Members

The Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe has financial assistance available for enrolled tribal members. The next deadline is June 1, for the Fall semester. A Higher Education, Adult Vocational Training, or Enrichment Scholarship application can be downloaded from the links below.


Download Our Application

This application provides assistance to an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe to Native American students for help with class, lab, graduation, sports, uniform and/or testing fees.

Download Our Application

Adult Vocational Training (certifications)

Download Application

Part-time college students

Download Application

The Community Learning Center Gymnasium is available for rental. Table and chairs are available for checkout through the Tribal Council. The Community Learning Center offers a safe place where the community can interact socially thru active living. This application is for the rental of the Community Room, Kitchen and/or Gym which is located at 8955 Mission Road.

Download Application

This application is to be filled out by the parent or guardian, who are of Native American descent, who live on or near the FPST reservation/colony. They may be eligible to receive child care services for their children ages 0 to 12 years or up to age 18 for children with disabilities. Please return the completed application to the Child Care Coordinator Lynette Fisherman.

Download Application

This application is to be filled out by the child care provider.

Meet Our Staff Members

Lynette Fisherman

Tribal Secretary

Kari Gonzalez

Victim Services Advocate

Jon Pishion

Council Member

Jill Wright

Communications Coordinator

Linda Loebs

Grant Administrator

Edwin Conway

Council Member

Andrew Hicks

Vice Chairman

Vanessa Charley

Vocational Rehab Counselor

Teresa McDonald

Law Enforcement Secretary

Robert Griggs

Acting Tribal Police Sgt

Michelle Bowers

Victim Services Director

Rachel Laca


Jean Marshall

Senior Accountant

Lynn Castro


Shalone Jimmy

Human Resources Associate

Melanie McFalls

Tribal Administrator

Cathi Tuni

Tribal Chairman

Phillip Johnson

Council Member

Vicki Moyle


Denea Moyle-Zulz

Grants Accountant

Lisa Bedoy

CLC Director

David Blackeye

Chief of Tribal Police

Kae Ward

Judicial Manager

Richard Black

Environmental Manager

Juliana Dixon

Chairman’s Assistant

Yvonne Mori

Stepping Stones Director

Austin Little

CLC Education Specialist

Emma Powell (Acting Director)

Housing Director

Sonia Corleto

Environmental Specialist

Steve Naylor

IT Specialist

Letisha Yellowhawk

CLC Education Specialist

Krystina Dalton

Court Clerk

Ileana Henry

Environmental Specialist

Jonell Strawbuck


Safia Amimi

Environmental Specialist

Sandra Hicks

Grants Compliance Officer

Krystal Williams

Housing Specialist

Adrian Tom

CLC Education Specialist

Sadie Pope

Housing Assistant Director

Rosalie Allen

Enrollment Coordinator

Oscar Moser

Maintenance Supervisor

Donald Lonewolf


Britt Edralin


Christopher Bagaforo


Tommy Kee


Shannon Kiele

Maintenance Tech