EPA Announcement – Carson River Mercury Site: StoryMap LIVE!

Subject: Carson River Mercury Site: StoryMap LIVE!

EPA is very pleased to share with you our brand new web-mapping tool for the public!  Please feel free to share it as we roll it out to the rest of our stakeholders.

Click on EPA’s StoryMap and GeoPlatform link for an interactive history of the Carson River Mercury Superfund Site. You can use the web-mapping tool to view specific site details or all of the data EPA and its partner agencies have collected. This data represents more than 30 years of environmental investigations. These investigations help EPA and partner agencies define cleanup areas and take actions to address them. We hope these maps give you a better understanding of the locations and extent of mercury contamination. EPA uses these maps as an important tool when proposing cleanup actions. Please contact the Project Managers or Community Involvement Coordinator if you have questions or want to share your feedback.

Enjoy!  https://storymaps.arcgis.com/collections/4226e8cbc86f421eab0d359329b68f8f

Andrew Bain | Superfund Project Manager

Carson River Mercury Site and Lawrence Livermore Nat’l Lab Site 300

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9

75 Hawthorne St. (SFD-8-2)

San Francisco, CA 94105