EPD Public Notice – Illegal Dumping Is a Crime



Illegal Dumping Is a Crime

Land, water, soil and air pollution are primarily caused by illegal dumping. The chemicals and non-biodegradable materials in the waste affect the physical environment and the waterways by contaminating groundwater and soil.

To protect the Tribe’s limited resources, the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe adopted an Open Dump Ordinance, under Resolution 99-F-022, dated January 26, 1999. The Open Dump Ordinance prohibits the dumping on any public reservation lands, which includes, but is not limited to, any rubbish, swill, refuse, cans, bottles, paper, vegetable matter, carcass of any dead animals, trash, used motor vehicle tires, motor vehicle batteries, motor vehicle oils or fluids, sewage, sludge, garbage or other toxic and hazardous wastes.  Intentional acts of dumping first offense may result in a fine not to exceed $25,000 per day, plus the costs of clean up.

The Environmental Protection Department is presently conducting an inventory of open dump sites on the reservation and will seek funding for clean-up and closure.

If you are aware of any open dump sites on the reservation, please let us know at 423-0590.  Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

FPST Environmental Protection Department