Communications is key for a successful outcome!

Department Information: The Communications Department was created in 2015 under the Fallon Business Council. The Communications Department is currently comprised of a Communications Director & Summer Communication Interns.

The Communications Department is responsible for managing media relations, public relations, crisis communications and employee communications including collecting stories/news articles by building relationships with tribal programs/departments. Provides assistance in the organization in develop and implement communications strategies with the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe and local, state regional and national levels. To promote positive public image among Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribes various audiences. To collaborate with others in the organization to achieve the highest standards for external communications.


Enabling the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe to Communicate seamlessly with other Tribal, Federal, State, and Local Agencies.

Mission Statement

The Communications Department is dedicated to promoting operability within our Tribe and interoperability between the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe and all other Tribal, Federal, State, and Local Agencies in order to promote growth.


The Communications Department is dedicated to the following values:


The Communications Dept. is committed to ethical and professional standards of conduct.


Steadily moving forward regardless of difficulty in order to achieve a successful outcome for the improvement of our tribe.


Preserving the Tribes Sovereignty through Commitment and Perseverance.

Meet Our Staff Members

Lynette Fisherman

Tribal Secretary

Kari Gonzalez

Victim Services Advocate

Jon Pishion

Council Member

Jill Wright

Communications Coordinator

Linda Loebs

Grant Administrator

Edwin Conway

Council Member

Andrew Hicks

Vice Chairman

Vanessa Charley

Vocational Rehab Counselor

Teresa McDonald

Law Enforcement Secretary

Robert Griggs

Acting Tribal Police Sgt

Michelle Bowers

Victim Services Director

Rachel Laca


Jean Marshall

Senior Accountant

Lynn Castro


Shalone Jimmy

Human Resources Associate

Melanie McFalls

Tribal Administrator

Cathi Tuni

Tribal Chairman

Phillip Johnson

Council Member

Vicki Moyle


Denea Moyle-Zulz

Grants Accountant

Lisa Bedoy

CLC Director

David Blackeye

Chief of Tribal Police

Kae Ward

Judicial Manager

Richard Black

Environmental Manager

Juliana Dixon

Chairman’s Assistant

Yvonne Mori

Stepping Stones Director

Austin Little

CLC Education Specialist

Emma Powell (Acting Director)

Housing Director

Sonia Corleto

Environmental Specialist

Steve Naylor

IT Specialist

Letisha Yellowhawk

CLC Education Specialist

Krystina Dalton

Court Clerk

Ileana Henry

Environmental Specialist

Jonell Strawbuck


Safia Amimi

Environmental Specialist

Sandra Hicks

Grants Compliance Officer

Krystal Williams

Housing Specialist

Adrian Tom

CLC Education Specialist

Sadie Pope

Housing Assistant Director

Rosalie Allen

Enrollment Coordinator

Oscar Moser

Maintenance Supervisor

Donald Lonewolf


Britt Edralin


Christopher Bagaforo


Tommy Kee


Shannon Kiele

Maintenance Tech