EPD Public Notice – Community Composting Pilot Project Survey

Community Composting Pilot Project Survey

The Environmental Protection Department is proposing to initiate a community composting pilot project and is conducting a survey to determine community interest to participate in this project. 

The purpose of compost is to reduce land fill disposal and convert organic waste into a benefit to the environment.  Compost is rich in nutrients that can be added to soil as a conditioner to help plants grow.

The department proposes to collect and use food wastes from tribal departments and the community to make compost for the community garden.    Acceptable food scrap contributions would include:  tea bags, coffee grounds, nutshells, coffee filters, fruit and vegetable scraps, grain products, eggs and egg shells, including compostable paper products.    Unacceptable waste includes:  non-biodegradable waste, food cooked in oil, fats, oils, and grease (FOG), meats, bones and dairy, as they increase the potential for odors and vectors. A limited number of participating community members would be provided with a bucket and lid for food waste collection by the department.  If the pilot project is determined to be a success, it will be expanded and made into a permanent composting program.

If you are interested in participating in the composting pilot project, please let us know by calling 423-0590 during regular work hours or leave a message with contact information.  Thank you for your interest.

Environmental Protection Department


1011 Rio Vista Drive