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Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribes oldest member Adelene Amick


Adelene Amick holds the honor of being the oldest member of the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe. She celebrated her 99th birthday. She was born in Wonder Nevada on  December 4, 1917 to Bodie and Alice Graham. She was the 2nd oldest of 10 children. Her father moved the family to Fallon when the government gave them 10 acres a piece, the 5 acres she lives on now was her grandmother’s land.

Growing up in Fallon, her parents had a big turkey farm. She was very young and could remember the turkey hens having little baby turkeys, they had so many they opened up an account at Kent’s. They would pluck the turkeys and sell them to Kent’s so they could not only sell in their store, but would also ship them to New York to sell in their restaurants. Back then, the turkeys were much bigger, up to 30, 40, 50 pounds and if it wasn’t for those turkeys, they would starve. The turkeys would always be ready to be eaten at Thanksgiving.

She attended grade school on the Fallon Reservation. She would walk from the corner of Graham Lane, where she lived, to where the tribal office is at Mission and Agency which is about 2 ½ miles. She went to Oats Park School up to 7th grade, then she attended high school from there. The home economics teachers knew her dad and treated her like a daughter and let her run the library at the high school. After high school before she went to college, she was hospitalized for tuberculosis. After 2 years she decided to go to college. On her way, she got in a car accident and was hospitalized in Sacramento, with a broken hip and shoulder. She realized she needed a job to be easy on her.

She decided to go to San Francisco to dental school to practice to be a dentist and got a job running a dental office. There she lived with a family that owned a small theater, and she worked for them babysitting their 3 sons. She graduated from there and she and a girlfriend went to Fresno to the Army Depot, and got a job there during the war. She was busy all the time in dentistry. The doctors were good to her, when the war was over, they asked her to go to  work for them in Washington State but she declined their job offer. While getting on the bus one day, all the seats were taken so she had to sit next to a gentleman. They talked and he asked for her address, so they corresponded and got acquainted by letter and became good friends. When he came home, the guy on the bus became her husband. She got married 1948 to Daulton Amick. He was from Texas and his family were good southern people. They eventually bought a piece of land and then put a house in Palm Springs, California for rental and investment.

Before she went into dentistry, she worked on war plane fuselages in the airplane factory during the war. Everything was secret during that time. She could not tell people things back then and would kind of sneak around. When war was over everything was closing up. She then got a job as an office manager, it was a busy office and she told employees what to do in each room, where there was 6 booths and 3 dentist. She did dental work most of her life.

Then she had a son, Steve Amick and she chose to be a stay at home mom. He grew up and she was always so careful of him, he was her life, she devoted all her life to him. Always knowing who his friends were, keeping her eyes on him. He graduated from South Gate. And she still keeps her eyes on him. She remembers mothers not being interested in their children, letting their children run wild, but not her son, she made sure that he stayed out of trouble. She would come and visit her mom and dad in Fallon. Her dad died in 1960, and about ten years later her mom died.

Although Adelene had heart problems, she never had an operation her entire life. She still does a little yard work and takes care of little things around the house. Her life has been quiet since she moved to Fallon. She has a dog named Bogart. She believes the reason she lives long is because she prays every day and she is satisfied with her life. She stated she lives in prayer to the Almighty God. Her grandchildren are Matthew, Stacie, Stephen, Daulton and Laurel. Her great grandchildren are Dominique, Regan, Tabitha, Morgan, Adelene and William. She gets around just fine and stated she needs a cane to slow her down.



Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Gov. Brian Sandoval cut the ribbon at the ceremony at Fox Peak Station

Governor Brian Sandoval, NV Energy officials and Fallon Tribal Development Corporation attended a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, November 7 at the Fox Peak Gas Station, the second recharging station site in the Nevada Electric Highway. Two electric car stations have been installed on the southeast corner of Fox Peak Station.

Governor Brian Sandoval stated, “This Electric Highway will allow electric vehicle drivers to power their cars by tapping into Nevada’s own renewable energy resources. This will strengthen our state’s energy independence while reducing Nevada’s petroleum imports.” “The Fallon Tribal Development Corporation is honored to have Fox Peak Station as a location on the Nevada Electric Highway,” said FTCD President Jon Pishion.


Consumers Confidence Report

Tribal Thanksgiving Dinner



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On Saturday, November 19, 2016 the tribe held its Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. There were over 300 people in attendance with a delicious dinner, a fun turkey calling contest with Jesse Marsh winning 1st place for the youth, and Hanna Arthur winning 1st for the adults. Lizabella Harden puts her letter to Santa in the mailbox prepared for the children to mail to the North Pole. A thank you to everyone who worked hard at this years Thanksgiving Dinner.


Mitigation Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to help Churchill County, the City of Fallon and the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe of Fallon, NV identify the community’s concerns about natural and human caused hazards. The questionnaire should be completed by an adult, preferably the property owner or the head of the household.  All individual responses are strictly confidential and are for research purposes only.  This questionnaire consist of 7 questions and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Mitigation Questionnaire